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#tv day 2019: Not all Reach is Equal

On 27 March, at the tv day conference, Karen Nelson-Field – a world-class authority in the field of „media science”, Professor of University of Adelaide, presented the results of the „The Benchmark Series” – a series of studies on the effectiveness of marketing communication on various platforms.

Download the presentation  “Not all Reach is Equal” and find answers to the questions::


What aspects affect the final effectiveness of the advertising message – that is choice of the product by the consumer?




– The study is a continuous study, carried out on a group of 5,000 Australians, in their natural environment of contact with the advertising message – in their homes. As part of the project, a total of 60,000 ads were tested. The measurement was based on modern eye-tracking technology, monitoring the way, contact time and percentage coverage of the screen (pixel exposures), and then verified which of the advertised products were purchased in a virtual store. Thus, the STAS indicator was developed (defined as the relationship of two variables: bought-saw advertising / purchased-did not see advertising).

– The aim of the project is to define the factors that affect the purchase of a given product, including broadcasting of advertisements on various platforms and screens: TV, VOD, Facebook and Youtube, broadcasted via various devices: TV, desktops and mobile devices.



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