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#tv day 2019: The Future of TV

Television and the way it is consumed is evolving. The landscape of the media world in which individual players operate on the market is also changing.

Changing conditions force advertisers to seek better-targeted, new ways of reaching consumers through existing media. The answer to such challenges can be addressable TV. Jakob Nielsen, CEO of Finecast specializing in the adressable TV campaigns, talked about the advantages of this form of communication planning and why it can be of particular value to advertisers.


Download the presentation  “The Future of TV” and find out:


– How is the media consumption in Poland and the world changing?

– Why adressable TV is a response to some of the advertisers’ challenges, especially in the context of reaching different audiences with one product?

– What were the effects of this method of planning communication brought to the brand with which Finecast cooperated?


Watch the speech:



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