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#tv day 2019: Actor’s role in a role of television

One of the topics of the third edition of the tv day conference was the prospect of television in the context of society.

The skill that tv, as a medium, has in the way of building an emotional connection with the viewer was discussed during the event. Involvement in a favorite program, show or series takes the viewer to another world.

The involved recipient much more willingly opens to the message of the brand naturally brought into the favorite program content. What is the process, how to use this magic and what role does the actor play here?

This and many other questions were answered by the award-winning actress – Maja Ostaszewska, in conversation with the programming director of TVN and Discovery Polska – Edward Miszczak.


It is an inspiring dialogue about actor’s role in contemporary television reality. See the speech and find out:

Watch the speech:


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